Development of tailor made solutions

We put together our background in the business area with knowledge in technology to create the ideal tool, considering all the characteristics and particularities of the business. We assign our team in your company to diagnose, develop and implement the solution.

Our methodology

Diagnosing the Necessity

 Understanding the business

 Understanding the problem

 Defining the goals

Suggested Approach

 Features definition

 Roles and responsibilities definition

 Detailing the project schedule

Prototype Design

 Drawing the solution interface

 Detailing the features

 Validating the prototype

Tool Development

 Building the tool

 Testing the solution

 Validation with users

Deployment and Training

 Users training

 Tool documentation

 Go live

Support and Maintenance

 Bug fixing

 Answering questions

 Direct channel between clients and developer

Benefits for our customers

Our tools focus on increasing the team productivity as well as information control and organization.

We enable deeper analysis, new insights and greater data visibility, helping decision-making, enabling more efficient management and collaborating to increase the company's financial return.

Productivity increase

Insights generation

Clever data display

Collaboration between areas

Decision-making support

Financial return

Process efficiency increase

User autonomy

Advantage of our solutions

No installation required - no need to call the IT guys

No additional licenses are required for the company

Excel® interface familiar to users

Simple, flexible and robust solutions

Extensive experience in several sectors of the economy

Work developed with the business areas

In person problem diagnosis

Highly qualified and technical team

Agile development

Possibility of simultaneous access to the tools

Control of the functionalities permissions

Focus on post-project support and maintenance

Integration with everything you need

All the tools we develop have the ability to interact and connect with several technologies, from Microsoft softwares to databases, commercial ERPs, and internet services. These integrations help each of our customers to develop their activities in an agile, organized and highly productive way.

Power Point

Automatic filling of slides with charts and analysis generated by the tool


Automatic filling of documents, contracts, proposals and forms


Automatic sending of emails with alerts, notifications, reminders, schedules and attachments

Google Maps

Generation of interactive maps with relevant business information

Database and BIs

Connection to the main commercial databases and BIs available in the market

ERPs and CRMs

Extraction of relevant data from ERPs and CRMs to increase the quality of the tool analysis

FTP and Data Network

Tool integration with file storage systems (localy and on the cloud)


Gathering information available on the web such as addresses, prices, distances, images, currency quotations

Areas in which we serve

  • Supply Chain Solutions
    Supply Chain

    > Forecast Models

    > Stock Management

    > Distribution Resources Planning (DRP)

    > Master Production Planning (MPS)

    > Available to Promise (ATP)

    > Capacity Planning

    > Queuing Optimization

    > Routing

    > Logistic Network Revision

    > Operations Sizing

    > Supply Model

  • Finance Solutions

    > Financial Simulation

    > Business Plan

    > Business Case

    > Budgeting & Forecasting

    > Investment Analysis (make or buy)

    > Cost Allocation

    > Cost to Serve

    > Financial Control

  • Marketing Solutions

    > Pricing

    > Budget Management

    > Investment Allocation

    > New Products Launch

  • Sales Solutions

    > Salesman Routing

    > Commercial Policy Simulator

    > Target Definition

    > Results Management

    > Sales Management

    > Sales Positivation

    > Go-To Market Analysis

  • Trade Solutions

    > Promoters Sizing and Allocation

    > Promoters Routing

    > Sell Out Management

    > POS Management

    > Planogram Optimization

    > Stock Break Analysis

  • HR Solutions

    > Variable Salary Simulation

    > Team Sizing

    > Training Management

    > Performance Evaluation

  • Marketing Intelligence Solutions
    Market Intelligence

    > Price Collection Analysis

    > Market Analysis

    > Competition Analysis

    > Consumer Trend

  • Project Management Solutions
    Project Management

    > Risk Management

    > Scope Management

    > Project Timeline Management

    > Project Portfolio Management

    > Team Sizing

  • General Solutions

    > Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

    > Dashboards

    > Business Intelligence

    > Information Organization

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