Meet our team


Enrico Ferri

Enrico Ferri

Has 15 years of experience in management consulting and more than 18 years in the development of management tools.

Founding Partner of Clarian Solutions where he worked for 3.5 years, besides working at Integration Consulting for 5 years, at Fundação Vanzolini and Logit Consulting.

During all this period, served large companies of the following sectors: Foods and Beverages, Consumer Goods, Mining and Metallurgy, Banking, Services, Software, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Personal Care, Technology, Transportation, Retail, Pulp and Paper Industry.

Specialized in the development of optimization models, dynamic simulation and management support systems.

Has a degree in Industrial Engineering by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo and a Master's Degree in Production Engineering by the same institution.


Filipe Xavier

Filipe Xavier

Worked for 4 years with development of firmwares and softwares for technology companies in information security and commercial automation sectors.

During this time had opportunities to assist in the area of projects and planning, as well as great learning opportunities in the various sectors involved.

Computer Engineer at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

Joao Alcantara

João Pedro Alcantara

Was a member of Poli Júnior, the junior enterprise of Poli-USP, where structured and developed the methodology for developing mobile applications, managing two projects.

Founded the AppLabs Desenvolvimento, as app developing company, with the Secretaria de Saúde de São Paulo as one of its clients.

Worked at Share Student Living, a company that manages, operates and builds student housing, a pioneer in the Brazilian Market.

Worked at Citibank’s derivatives trading desk, been responsible for the profit and loss report of the area.

Civil Engineering by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.

Jose Corrente

José Eduardo Corrente

Worked at Falconi Consultants for Results, developing the improvement of management and process automation systems. In addition, he served for two years in the nonprofit sector by AAACSC-São Carlos, experience in which underwent several areas such as Operations, Marketing and Finance.

Has a degree in Industrial Engineering by Escola de Engenharia de São Carlos da Universidade de São Paulo (EESC-USP).

Matias Tomazelli

Matias Tomazelli

Worked for 3 years in Itaú Unibanco focusing on the development, implementation and sales management of banking products, such as insurances and credit cards.

Worked for 1.5 year at Clarian Solutions developing business management tools, as well as serving in Dalkia Brazil and Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnológicas do Estado de São Paulo.

Currently a Director of the endowment fund Fundo Patrimonial Amigos da Poli, a non-profit organization that aims to support engineering projects within Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.

Mechanical Engineering by Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo and Master in Mechanical Engineering by Politecnico di Torino in Italy.